Saturday, May 9, 2015

it's MAGNUM :D

hye! i'm in mood to update entries, hehe.

i got a whatsapp message from my brother who asked me even i was in college or not, he came to Bangi from Malacca. I guess he want to take me out and yes it's right but i have a duty every friday night and i switched with my friends. well, family first right? :D

and we're going here!

 Cookie Monster

 Super Goji

and this magnum win! really delicious yummy slerppp,
seriously i will choose this and Aglio Olio for next time <3

Actually we're celebrating Qalesya's mother birthday!
Happy belated birthday Kak Nad :D
Qalesya, so beautiful and cute heeeee ^__^

p/s : Their waiter just sooooo nice!

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